jI’m Jennifer, the founder of Consciously Created and your biggest fan. Just like you, I have a unique gift. What is MY gift? Well, I can support you in turning your HEART’S PASSION into a PROFITABLE BUSINESS like nobody else. I believe in myself and I believe in YOU. Working together, I am confident that we can design a business that is aligned with your purpose and passions . . . one that unleashes your authentic voice, empowering you to mindfully market and attract the perfect customers! Now is your time to shine, sharing your unique gifts with the world, and I am here to support you on this path.

I trust that you are in the right place and are heading to an even better place. That is why you are here.


jbaHere goes: I believe TRUE TEACHING IS THE ACT OF SPEAKING ONE’S TRUTH FROM THE HEART and sharing the knowledge one has gained through experience. It’s about being authentic, transparent, fearless and REAL. Through my education, experiences in business, and most importantly experiences in LIFE, I am here to teach, share, guide and empower you, openly, authentically and honestly. I have a natural ability (and a LOVE) to see and deeply understand your vision, and guide you in putting that vision into action, making it a reality. This is why I founded Consciously Created. I LOVE my work. I am a Conscious Entrepreneur. I am doing EXACTLY what I am meant to do (for now). I am not afraid to open new doors and reinvent myself if my passion is taking me in a new direction. I am a multi-passionate person, after all! I have reinvented myself at least 5 times now, which has provided me a TON of experience (from a techy at IBM, turned IBM Project Manager, turned Holistic Health and Life Coach, turned top 10 income earner in Network Marketing, turned MLM trainer and empower coaching to over 2000 entrepreneurs, turned Systems designer and creator, turned Clarity and Implementation Coach, and so on!). I incorporate all these experiences into my work with Consciously Created in a way that is fun, energizing and divinely guided. jbI am a mama to the sweetest little boy who makes me laugh (almost to the point of peeing my pants) every single day. I believe LIFE IS A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATION and I have a husband who has been on an ever-expanding journey though life with me for almost 10 years now. We continuously support each other to grow spiritually, emotionally, and professionally. I take my personal growth VERY SERIOUSLY and know that my business and income growth will never exceed my personal growth. I am incredibly organized and can’t start my day without prayer and meditation. I am obsessed with Conscious Entrepreneurship, clean designs, authentic communication, community, inspiring people, simple eating, yoga, conscious parenting, personal growth and expansion, crystals and fashion. In all I do in life, I TAKE INSPIRED ACTION, powerfully choosing, following my heart, and ALWAYS SEEKING JOY. I will never stop growing. As my son often sings to me “Every day I’m getting bigger” . . . yes, my spirit, spark, spunk, and appreciation for my life experience certainly is!


WOW . . . you are freakin’ AWESOME! That was a lot of content up there. Are you wondering if you should reach out? Stop thinking and know this . . . I want you to make an EMPOWERED and INSPIRED decision to work with us, and most importantly, I want you to listen to your gut, your intuition, that little (sometimes seemingly crazy) voice in your heart. I TRUST that you know if you are meant to work with us. So . . . ball is in your court. You, as always, have the power to choose. I sincerely (and eagerly) look forward to hearing from you and co-creating a business that you will fall madly in love with. CLICK HERE and discover HOW we can work together or if you are ready to connect, just REACH OUT.